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From the Judges Perspective


Do you show horses or enjoy watching horse shows? Do you ever wonder what the judge is thinking or why a class is placed a certain way? Do you wish you could improve how you and your horse do at shows? From the Judges Perspective is a TV show that offers viewers a chance to get behind the scenes in the world of horse shows and judging. You will have the opportunity to meet judges from all different disciplines and hear their thoughts as we discuss things that are relevant to all aspects of showing.

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We will talk about strategies on how to improve your performance and you will learn what they are looking for. We will also discuss rules for different classes as well as the scoring system. You will find out what it takes to become a judge and you may be surprised that they are actually hoping you’ll have a good ride every time you enter the show pen. From Miniature horses to Mammoth Jacks, this show is for you. Hope you’ll tune in and watch.

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From the Judges Prespective

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