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Accurate Analytics to track viewership….

Unlike Nielsen Ratings on conventional television viewership tracking, that really only polls Urban Areas, and rarely ever reaches out to Rural America, ROKU TV is all analyzed by actual viewership, in other words when someone actually watches Your show.

Whether You are a Programmer on Farm and Ranch TV, or an Advertiser on one of Our programs on Farm and Ranch TV, you will have accurate viewership numbers to see how much exposure your advertising is REALLY getting, instead of someone’s “mock up”, or their “dern good guess”.

With Nielsen ratings in conventional TV, you are relying of whether that TV network has actually paid their subscription that quarter to Nielsen, or if they have a crafty employee “in house” that can use Nielsen’s template to make up the numbers that THEY want You to see.

Web and Streaming analytics take all the doubts out of that….its real honest info for the Programmer, and their Advertisers that can be used and relied upon without a second thought.

Our plan is to have these analytics in the hands of Our Programmers monthly.