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As the popular TV hosts of Outdoors Reward, Jeremy and Lea Morse are the picture of a traditional family. Jeremy brings home the bacon, and Lea fries it up! Together with their three boys, Rance, Laramie, and Creed, they hunt, fish, and harvest everything they eat – you won’t find a single bit of store-bought meat or vegetables in their home.

Lea was first seen on TV on A&E’s American Hoggers as Krystal the Pistol’s friend, a relationship which lasts through to today. Fredericksburg, Texas, born and raised, she learned how to respect the land in the Lone Star State. A competitive and driven woman in every aspect of her life, she often competes against her husband Jeremy while filming their hunts. She’s deadly with a bow, but you wouldn’t guess if from her smile.

Jeremy is a rancher and horseman who’s competed in ranch rodeos and competitions. An avid outdoorsman his whole life, his dad and uncle instilled a love for the outdoors in him at a young age. A man deeply rooted in his faith, Jeremy leads his family and provides for them every day. His quiet demeanor hides his sense of humor, but when he lets loose you can be sure you’ll laugh!

Outdoors Reward is a celebration of the gifts that God has given Lea and Jeremy – their faith, their family, their friends, and all the adventures they get to go on. The show is about real hunting, not showing off extravagant trips and crazy scenarios. The goal is to build a community of people who believe –  like Lea and Jeremy – that the outdoors is full of rewards just waiting to be enjoyed.

Real. Honest. TV.

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