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Born and raised in Southeastern Ohio, Jeff Guilloz grew up hunting, trapping, and fresh water fishing.  Upon graduating from High School, Jeff joined the United States Marine Corps and spent 20 years traveling the world and serving our country.    Jeff was stationed in Arizona, California, Hawaii, North and South Carolina. In Hawaii is where Jeff met his wife of 19 years, Nahualani a Hawaii Island native, and was introduced to the beautiful islands, people and culture.

After retiring from the Marine Corps in 2006, Jeff and his family decided to move to Hawaii in 2008 to be closer to family.  Jeff has hunted in eight different states and harvested twenty-two different species of game.   In Hawaii is where Jeff became interested in becoming a commercial hunting guide and soon after started a wildlife removal service to trap wildlife (hogs, chickens, turkeys, etc..) that were doing damage to yards in residential areas.

The show “Hunt Fish Explore Hawaii” was an idea that that Jeff’s friend, Richard Gonzalez a local film producer, had after listening to his stories of hunting, trapping and trapping.   The colorful and many times humorous stories capture hunting, trapping and fishing against the backdrop of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.  Jeff gets to share “My Hawaii” with folks who on an average visit to Hawaii wouldn’t get past the beaches and fancy restaurants.

Jeff truly enjoys hunting, trapping and fishing, but also loves to explore, new and exciting places.  He loves to share his stories, as well his faith in Jesus Christ as without Him nothing else matters.

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