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American Hoofbeats TV

American Hoofbeats is all about the American Mustang. The value and versatility that these horses have is amazing! We will travel around the US and meet owners, trainers and horses and hear their stories. Everything from FEI Open Dressage Horse of the Year to showing Hunter Jumper at Devon!

Carolina Hoofbeats TV

Join the Hoofbeats TV crew on our journey as we explore the world of the horse. From trails to the show pen, tack to trailers we will look at it all! Learn proper care, nutrition, training tips, and more from the top experts in the industry. Hoofbeats TV host Rose Cushing is the Producer and Publisher of Southeast Hoofbeats magazine, Horses Got Talent, Carolina Hoofbeats TV and Hoofbeats TV. Rose also owns Halfmoon Farms, Cushing Media Productions and serves on the Executive Board of the North Carolina Horse Council. Hoofbeats TV is a Cushing Media Production.

Cuttin Up

Come join Us as we visit the practice pens of some of the top Amateur, and Non Pro friendly Cutting Horse Trainers in the business, and get to we listen into the individual instruction from the Teacher to the Student there at home, then We follow them to the Weekend Shows across the Country, to see if they paid attention in class!

Equine Strides

Come along for the STRIDE! Discover how Cutting, Reining, Sorting, Trail Riding, Jumping, + Equitation are ALL rooted in Dressage! Rider Fitness, Training tips, Who’s Who, and much, much MORE, welcome to Equine Strides w/ Deirdre Sabo!

Equine TV UK

Equine TV UK is a brand-new video hub covering all things equestrian. Watch out for our videos on a diverse range of topics. From behind-the-scenes interviews with leading riders and practitioners to videos showing the best action from a wide, diverse range of equestrian events. Equine TV UK will interest, inform and entertain anyone with a love of horses.

From the Ground Up

From the Ground Up is a new series hosted by Jerry King, of Jerry King Training, Parkton, NC. Jerry is a multi-titled World Champion in the Cutting, Ranch Sorting and Western Pleasure disciplines. Coming from a long line of horse trainers being a 3rd generation trainer with a lifetime of experience, Jerry’s methods are effective and proven to get results from the barn to the show pen. Jerry trains horses of all breeds and disciplines because every horse needs a good foundation. King trains From the Ground Up and his episodes will show you how to do the same. Produced by Cushing Media Productions.

From The Judges Perspective

Do you show horses or enjoy watching horse shows? Do you ever wonder what the judge is thinking or why a class is placed a certain way?  Do you wish you could improve how you and your horse do at shows?  From the Judges Perspective is a TV show that offers viewers a chance to get behind the scenes in the world of horse shows and judging.  You will have the opportunity to meet judges from all different disciplines and hear their thoughts as we discuss things that are relevant to all aspects of showing.  We will talk about strategies on how to improve your performance and you will learn what they are looking for.  We will also discuss rules for different classes as well as the scoring system.  You will find out what it takes to become a judge and you may be surprised that they are actually hoping you’ll have a good ride every time you enter the show pen.   From Miniature horses to Mammoth Jacks, this show is for you.  Hope you’ll tune in and watch.

Great Western Guest Ranches

Find your inner cowboy at one of the great western guest ranches in North America.  Whether you’re interested in a true working cattle ranch, a family ranch, adult ranch and everything in between, you’re sure to find the perfect cowboy adventure at this amazing group of western guest ranches.  Saddle up pardner…. we’ll meet you, at the corral.

Herd This

Follow rural Carolina’s Veterinary Christine Long as she goes on emergency calls, routine care visits and life. covering approximately 900 square miles of rural North and South Carolina. Every day is an adventure!

IPRA All Access

International Pro Rodeo Association is the second largest professional rodeo association.  This series highlights different IPRA rodeos from across the country, the circuit finals and the International Finals Rodeo where world champions are crowned.  IPRA ALL ACCESS allows a glimpse of these professional cowboys & cowgirls as they battle throughout the year in hopes to finish in the top 15 and compete for the world championship titles.

Life in the Saddle

Tim and Gypsy O’Neal come from a background of training and showing horses and have been married for 26 years. They live in the historic town of Fort Scott, Kansas, where Tim has been the pastor of Faith Christian Center for over 16 years.
They would now like to take this same concept and apply it in a weekly television program. The viewers will experience Life In The Saddle from a horsemans perspective. We live in a hurting world and The O’Neal’s want to give people hope, with applications for their own lives, and their horses. From their home in Fort Scott, Kansas to the nation’s biggest horse shows, viewers get a front row seat to the fascinating world of the horse business.

Mules of America TV

Mules Of America TV, hosted by Dave Recker, is a ‘Tried and True’ Mule Enthusiast. America was formed on the backs of Mules and she still relies on them today…take a ride with us, learn and be entertained, on Mules Of America!


The purpose of the NRCHA is to improve the quality of the western reined stock horse, perpetuate the early Spanish traditions of the highly trained, and well reined working cow horses to promote exhibits, cow horse events, contests, exhibitions, and shows to promote training of reined cow horses, and to promote interest in reined working cow horses among the younger horsemen of this Nation and the World, to use and encourage the use of standard rules for holding and judging contests of the reined working cow horse.

Ranch Sorting with RSNC

The great sport of Ranch Sorting is exploding all across the US and we at the RANCH SORTING NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS couldn’t be more excited. We are now over 24,000 members strong, with over 3000 shows produced, and over 5000 teams annually attending the World Finals! It is the mission of RSNC to lead the industry in developing and improving the sport of Ranch Sorting through affordability and a fair rating system. Our goal is to preserve the heritage and integrity of the ranching lifestyle while providing a family oriented, competitive riding experience at the grassroots level.

Riding To Win

The Riding to Win series focuses on multiple equine disciplines across the country.  It covers a variety of equine sports from barrel racing to Western pleasure, from working cow horse to cowboy mounted shooting and ranch rodeos.  Riding to Win highlights a variety of equine sports and associations from across the country that many don’t have the opportunity to see and to bring recognition to the versatility of the equine athlete.

Speaking Of Horses

Join Speaking of Horses TV as we travel the USA with any and All things Horse. We can be found on Trail Rides, at World Breed Shows, Breyer Model Horses Breyerfest, and many more.   If it has to do with Horses, we could be covering it for you! Horse Fair and Expo Highlights, Performing Horses, Horses in Theater under the lights at their best! Yes we do this to! Dressage, Western, Reining, Trail Rides and much more! Catch us across the USA as we are Speaking of Horses…..

Team Roper TV

Team Roper TV is a high definition look into the world of professional team ropers, with a focus on technique, horsemanship, and lifestyle.

The Horse Guru

I’m a 5th generation horse trainer that was raised on a horse ranch competing Paso fino show horses at the highest levels. Winning multiple national and world championships throughout my career. Since taking over the family ranch I now run a world class training facility, horse trainer academy as well as do clinics all over world. I’ve been seen with my horses in the movie “A Fine Step”, multiple viral videos and a cell phone commercial in England. Also have won multiple colt starting championships. And will be representing the United States in the worlds toughest longest horse race the Mongol Derby.

The Principles of Training

In The Principles of Training, Warwick Schiller goes beyond the methods of horse training and effectively defines and demonstrates the principles that all successful horsemen and women are guided by.   This series is a must watch for every person who interacts with an equine.  After watching this series, you will be able to apply what you learn immediately.   Schiller is an accomplished horseman, who has competed on an international level and has the unique ability to explain things in a way that anyone can understand.  See for yourself and watch The Principles of Training.

Trey Young, the American Horseman

An accomplished, relatively new face on the training scene,Trey Young comes to Farm and Ranch TV from the family’s 3-Y Ranch in Crawfordville, FL, exhibiting a “natural horsemanship” style that encourages and fosters success for both the rider and horse. Trey will be showing You some of the things He does with Horses to get the basic foundation, and truly being “broke” before they head off to their specific disciplines whether it be roping, reining, cutting, trail, or whatever that particular horse is physically, and mentally suited for.

World Of Horse Breeds

Did you know there are over 90 breeds of horses in North America?  HorseFlicksTV takes an in-depth look at Rare Breeds, Endangered Breeds, Gaited Breeds, Feathered Breeds, Draft Breeds, Sport Horse Breeds and more in this Award Winning TV series.  You’ll understand why people gravitated to their breed, and how they have changed their life, and lifestyle.


Colorado in the Wild

Colorado’s only Big Game, Fishing, Rafting, and outdoor adventure show. Host Milton Dailey.

Hunt Fish Explore Hawaii

Born and raised in Southeastern Ohio, Jeff Guilloz grew up hunting, trapping, and fresh water fishing.  Upon graduating from High School, Jeff joined the United States Marine Corps and spent 20 years traveling the world and serving our country.    Jeff was stationed in Arizona, California, Hawaii, North and South Carolina. In Hawaii is where Jeff met his wife of 19 years, Nahualani a Hawaii Island native, and was introduced to the beautiful islands, people and culture. After retiring from the Marine Corps in 2006, Jeff and his family decided to move to Hawaii in 2008 to be closer to family.  Jeff has hunted in eight different states and harvested twenty-two different species of game.   In Hawaii is where Jeff became interested in becoming a commercial hunting guide and soon after started a wildlife removal service to trap wildlife (hogs, chickens, turkeys, etc..) that were doing damage to yards in residential areas. The show “Hunt Fish Explore Hawaii” was an idea that that Jeff’s friend, Richard Gonzalez a local film producer, had after listening to his stories of hunting, trapping and trapping.   The colorful and many times humorous stories capture hunting, trapping and fishing against the backdrop of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.  Jeff gets to share “My Hawaii” with folks who on an average visit to Hawaii wouldn’t get past the beaches and fancy restaurants. Jeff truly enjoys hunting, trapping and fishing, but also loves to explore, new and exciting places.  He loves to share his stories, as well his faith in Jesus Christ as without Him nothing else matters.

Mac and Prowler’s “Coyote Tales”

We bring “real life” hunting action to our viewers as well as teach how and why we hunt the way we do to help our viewers become better hunters. From our various hunting adventures, tech tips, product showcases, or other videos, we bring it to you as it happens. While our main focus is predator hunting with our TV Show, Coyote Tales, we feature many other hunts for Deer, Wild Hogs, and more! Thanks for stopping by and please come back often as we have more videos, articles, and product features than just about any other hunting show out there!

Man vs Elk

Man vs Elk TV Show is hosted by Keith Dailey.  This show is about elk hunting around the west with a little mule deer hunting thrown in.  Whether you are looking to book an elk hunt or buy elk hunting property…..this is the show for you.

On The Fly

If you enjoy fly fishing and being surrounded by the beauty of the great outdoors, then you will enjoy sharing this adventure with us to the streams and mountains of N. Georgia and North Carolina. It’s not just the thrill of the rise or the rhythm of the cast that hooks us, but taking time to connect with God in nature and then seeing how those lessons apply to our daily lives. Steve Taylor, Lead Pastor of McConnell Baptist Church in Hiawassee, Georgia and avid angler, invites us on a journey that encompasses faith, love of the great outdoors, and insight from God’s Word.  Come along with us and experience a message from God’s Word from a different angle with “On The Fly”. You’ll be glad you did.

Outdoors Reward

As the popular TV hosts of Outdoors Reward, Jeremy and Lea Morse are the picture of a traditional family. Jeremy brings home the bacon, and Lea fries it up! Together with their three boys, Rance, Laramie, and Creed, they hunt, fish, and harvest everything they eat – you won’t find a single bit of store-bought meat or vegetables in their home. Lea was first seen on TV on A&E’s American Hoggers as Krystal the Pistol’s friend, a relationship which lasts through to today. Fredericksburg, Texas, born and raised, she learned how to respect the land in the Lone Star State. A competitive and driven woman in every aspect of her life, she often competes against her husband Jeremy while filming their hunts. She’s deadly with a bow, but you wouldn’t guess if from her smile.  Jeremy is a rancher and horseman who’s competed in ranch rodeos and competitions. An avid outdoorsman his whole life, his dad and uncle instilled a love for the outdoors in him at a young age. A man deeply rooted in his faith, Jeremy leads his family and provides for them every day. His quiet demeanor hides his sense of humor, but when he lets loose you can be sure you’ll laugh! Outdoors Reward is a celebration of the gifts that God has given Lea and Jeremy – their faith, their family, their friends, and all the adventures they get to go on. The show is about real hunting, not showing off extravagant trips and crazy scenarios. The goal is to build a community of people who believe –  like Lea and Jeremy – that the outdoors is full of rewards just waiting to be enjoyed.
Real. Honest. TV.

Reaper Archery

We enjoy the thrill of the hunt more than the kill. Picking up the bow is how you level the playing field. Give em’ a chance to prove they are worthy to stay alive. Only the strong survive.

Tailgate Adventures

Follow host, David Schmidt as he travels the highways, back roads, hills, creeks and river bottoms in the pursuit of big and small game. Dave partners with numerous houndsmen/women and tree dog enthusiasts across the country, as their dogs track down different quarry. Whether its early morning in the mountains or late night in the creek bottoms, every episode is fun-filled and action packed as the hunters share a hunt with the viewer and of course, man’s best friend.

Rural Variety

American Cowboy Church TV

American Cowboy Church TV is a series program on Farm and Ranch TV network. ACCTV travels to Cowboy Churches and Western Heritage Ministries across America to bring awareness and information about this fast growing ministry movement and its positive impact on the family and most importantly the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Family leadership was God’s perfect plan from the moment he created man and made him a husband and father. In homes today, the leader of the family shoulders the responsibility to provide vision, direction, and comfort for present and future generations. Men are called by God into great leadership responsibility within their marriages, homes, and churches. They are called to make a kingdom impact and are doing just that in Cowboy Churches across America.

Branson Gospel Sunday

Pastor Dave Hamner presents the true, Biblical Gospel without social distortion, along with special musical guests from Branson, Missouri

Here’s The Deal

Here’s the Deal is an exciting part of Tailgate Preacher Ministries that speaks directly to the need of everyone that wants to live a life pleasing to God. Greg Moore host these quick, straight forward messages on how to live life with the ups and downs we all face. Greg’s simple and easy to understand messages always take the listener back to word of God and realization that Life is Choices, not chances each and every day! Come join us each week for a new Here’s the Deal message that will impact your life and the lives of those around you!

Kelly’s Kountry Junction

Kelly’s Kountry Junction is a hayseed TV Show with good traditional Country Music and Bluegrass. You’ll also see dancing from the soft shoe to the cha cha, and comedy with some of the funniest characters on TV today. Shows host Kelly Lee James created the show to bring good traditional music back for people who enjoyed it and family entertainment with values such as God, Family and Country. The hope of the cast and crew is that you will enjoy the show each week and tell your friends and neighbors to watch if they desire clean TV again.

Mad Dog and Merrill Midwest Grill’n

Internationally recognized and self-proclaimed “Grillologists,” Mad Dog & Merrill® entertain and educate thousands of backyard enthusiasts every year with the finer points of grilling. They want nothing more than to make everyone a better griller and have a ton of fun doing it! Mad Dog & Merrill® travel the Midwest hosting the TV series Mad Dog & Merrill’s Midwest Grill’n that shows how easy it is to be creative and entertain in your own backyard.

Moving With The Military

Maria Reed is the creator of Moving With The Military, a home improvement and lifestyle series that celebrates military families with surprise home makeovers. Maria is the embodiment of military life authenticity as a military spouse of 16 years. She gets it, because she lives it. With every episode, Maria brings the loving touch that proves home is where the heart is, or as she puts it, “Home is where the military sends you.”  Moving With the Military gives America a glimpse into the struggles and triumphs military families face every day. Moving with the Military is driven by the high stakes, true emotion, and real life needs of active duty military families. Maria and her team utilize clever DIYs to create beautiful, inexpensive and functional designs for today’s military families.

Pepper Stewart Show

THE PEPPER STEWART SHOW is “not your normal talk show”; hosted by Pepper Stewart along with a few rotating Co-Host and the show photographer Tex Travis. The show consist of current ranch and rodeo news with some randomness in the mix. The show is completely interactive with the audience and feature studio and call in guest from the world of ranch and rodeo. Take a minute and wonder around PepperStewart.com and check out a few of the past World Champion Guest who stopped in. Now log on and enjoy the ride!

Spook and the Rudy

Spook Joyner has been producing American Music Jubilee in Selma’s Rudy Theater in North Carolina for 18 Years.
The Weekly show is a blend of Music and Comedy geared towards family Audiences.
The Group has such a good time performing  together, they decided to make a TV Show about it!
Each Episode starts off with a monologue from one of the Show’s regulars, then cuts away to the rehearsals, and antics of the crew.
Farm and Ranch TV is the perfect place for “Spook and the Rudy”!
Spook Joyner says, “It’s good Entertainment, full of God & Country”, and that sits just fine with FRTV!

The Traditionally Lynch Show

The show is all about rural activities such as barn dancing. Richard is a true imagine of country as he is a farmer and barn builder in addition to singer/songwriter. Richard also is the founder of The Love Tattoo Foundation, a veterans support charity. Most of our shows are filmed at Richard’s Keepin’ It Country Farm in Waynesville, OH.  Our shows are filmed by a TV production company, Waycross Media. The shows consists of Richard Lynch Band performances along with various special guests…..T. Graham Brown, Buddy Jewell, Billy Yates, and many more. Upcoming guests include Shotgun Red, Rhonda Vincent, Jeannie Seely etc.

Trey’s Chow Down

Dedicated to chowing, reviewing, and writing about food. We visit restaurants, steak houses, taco stands, taverns, pubs, food trucks, and shacks.
Trey and his family has been in the food business for over 100 years. trey has taken his foodie experience and applied it reviewing restaurants, chefs, cuisine, special events, and is involved in Top Chef. Trey writes and blogs for Fort Worth Magazine and Trey’s Chow Down.

Western Media & Sports

Welcome to Western Media & Sports covering a broad variety of the western lifestyle along with other sports. The talented media team from the Pepper Stewart Show have taken over bringing you non stop action from the world. Episodes full of news, stories, pop culture for the western lifestyle and more.

Wheels N Motion

Wheels N Motion is a look into what’s happening in the garages of the average working car guy.  The vehicles we feature are normally owner built or survivors, and every one has a fantastic story, which we’ll tell as we’re driving it.  No foul language, no throwing tools, just car guys living the dream!


In Ohio Country Today

The award-winning “In Ohio Country Today” t.v. show is a weekly program dedicated to showcasing Agricultural Life & Business since 2005. Produced by Wilson 1 Communications veteran broadcaster Dan Wilson is both the Co-Host and Producer of the show. For more information visit our website www.inohiocountry.com

OSU Ag Series “Sunup”

SUNUP on Farm and Ranch TV is YOUR place for Oklahoma agriculture.
Whether it’s explaining the latest research, providing updates for current crops or covering the issues that matter most, SUNUP is your source.

FRTV Films and Special Events


Live on Farm and Ranch TV
Christmas day on our Website and across all of TV and Mobile Apps!

Dedication to Keith Barnett

Farm and Ranch TV Celebrates the life of Keith Barnett and his contribution to the Western Lifestyle and Industries.

FRTV Short Film Festival

Collection of of 31 Western Short Films from unknown independent Producers

FRTV Special Events Channel

Collection of Major Event Presentation such as the:
(2) Hour, NCHA Champions Cup, where all the living NCHA Futurity Champions came back to ride to the herd one more time in the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, TX.
(2) Hour, TWCHA World Show featuring the 1st Televised “Extreme Cutting” from Ocala, Florida
(3.5) Hour, NCHA-Western Nationals Youth Special fronm Denver, Colorado
(2) Hour, SRCHA “Wild Rag Cattle Classic” Special from Fort Worth, TX. (coming Soon)

Trucking TV

The Trucker News Channel

The Trucker Newspaper has been the industry news leader for over 30 years.  Now you can join anchors Jessica Rose and David Compton as they bring you that same quality news right to your TV on The Trucker News Channel.


Private Collection of lots of great Trucking Movies, and TV Shows.