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Quality programs relating to Outdoors, Ranching, Farming, and the general Rural Lifestyle will never PAY to air their shows on Farm and Ranch TV!

Farm and Ranch TV does not accept un-solicited program submissions…..with that said:

Email Me your concept, Your plan for production capabilities, like videographers, editors, etc…, and Your plan to market, and promote Your show (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc…)

#1 – Could anyone sit down with the kids in the room, and be confident that the content is suitable for them on Your show?

#2 – Farm and Ranch TV provides the place for Your show to air, but You as the programmer have to have Your own Advertisers, or financial support to produce Your show.

#3 – Farm and Ranch TV provides the place for Your show to air, but we do ask that You insert a .30 second FRTV commercial somewhere into each one of Your Episodes. (.30 provided by FRTV)

#4 – Farm and Ranch TV provides the place for You to air Your show, but when You film in studio, or in and arena, etc…we would ask that a Banner, or signage with the FRTV logo be placed during tapings. (FRTV will provide per individual specs/space available)

We have been providing affordable services in the city since the beginning of this year without charging any extra subscription fees that other networks do. We air quality programs for free, that’s right FREE. We provide you exactly what you and your family deserve. We have a circle of happy customers that is satisfied with the comprehensive range of programs. We serve both commercial and residential clients. We air agriculture, equine, western sports and outdoor content with our compromising quality. We also strive to keep the best quality to ensure client satisfaction.